Why are Steroids Illegal in the United States?

June 12, 2015 at 11:26 am

While steroid laws vary significantly from state to state in America, they are among the strictest of all. However, there are many things many do not completely understand. Many pro athletes over the past 20 years have been suffering from humiliation and make fun of after it had been stated they made use of steroids to obtain a competitive edge. From the Olympics, cycling, professional baseball and everything in between, it would appear that all high level sports are affected by these illegal substances. But the question remains, why are steroids illegal?

Just like many legal policies, there are several reasons why steroids are illegal; however, the most important issue would be the physical and psychological damage that comes from using these drugs.

Steroids are unnatural substances which simulate testosterone within the body (the male sex hormone). In regular doses, testosterone plays a role in the progression of additional sexual features, which includes hair patterns, bulkier muscles, and more competitive behavior. Therefore, you will discover some situations where using steroid drugs are suitable to relieve specific health conditions. If you have a valid prescription from a doctor, then it is completely legal to own and use steroids.

Many athletes used steroids due to its capability to quickly maximize the body’s ability for muscle growth, and the competitive benefits steroids provide them with. However, steroids are usually really harmful to people not under frequent supervision of a health care provider who in fact need a boost in testosterone to help remedy some disease.

While more competitive behavior could be attractive in men under normal, psychologically controlled situations, steroid abuse can result in a lack of control of aggression. This can result in violent outbursts, referred to as “’roid rage,” which could bring about trauma or death to either the addict of the drugs or those around him. Furthermore, the adverse reactions of steroid use are often extremely dangerous to the consumer physically. It may cause the growth of male breast tissue, terrible acne as well as the related scarring, atrophy of the male gonads, baldness and cardiovascular disease, among others. Other, more severe adverse reactions consist of the growth of liver tumors, hypertension and jaundice.

For females, the results are much more obvious, which includes lack of menstrual period and fertility, growth of facial hair, and deepening voice. Therefore, steroids were placed under strict control in the USA in 1991.

Photo Credit: healthtap.com

Photo Credit: healthtap.com

Even though many believe that the explanation for banning these drugs is strictly due to the competitive advantage they offer athletes, this is not the case. In fact, if these drugs were not unsafe every athlete would rely on them. However, the health issues developed by steroid use resulted in them now being controlled substances. Therefore, only people who break the law can use these substances for athletic reasons, and the benefit really is unfair. As a result, these people were also banned from sports.

In the United States (and many other places) only a physician can prescribe these drugs, and even so, it will only be prescribed to patients suffering from a medical problem which needs steroids for treatment. In case you were offered steroids by anybody besides a physician, make sure you get in touch with the police. In the same way, if you were charged with either selling or making use of steroids, it is best to hire a lawyer immediately. Just like other controlled substances such as “crystal meth” and “crack,” steroids are a controlled substance. Although a person might not experience the high that can be caused from the other drugs, the conviction for the illegal use, possession, or supply of these drugs is usually equally as harsh.

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