Proper Workout for Lean Muscle, Body Weight & Strength

June 29, 2015 at 9:06 am

Many people ask themselves the same question – to gain muscles or stay lean? This has for many years been a tough decision for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and men who want to have sexy body.

There is a solution for this; proper workout for lean muscle, body weight and strength. You only have to decide if you’re in for it or not.

Lean Muscle is a Must

Lean muscle is taking 21st century by storm. You can only achieve it with a proper workout.

Lean muscle is taking 21st century by storm. You can only achieve it with a proper workout.

Today it is almost a prerogative for every man to have a lean, masculine and fit body. But it is hard to achieve that when you think about daily workouts and long hours in gym in a very tight work schedule.

The good thing is, you can achieve it, and it’s worth it.

You should first take a medical test, to see if you will be able to be on an extreme workout schedule, and after that you can start off a workout routine which will meet your goals.

Next step is to find a gym instructor and let him figure out a routine for you, for example 6 week routine, 10 week routine and so on.

Fits Your Schedule

No matter which type of workout you choose to go for, check with your instructor if that particular routine has a timing that suits you and can give your body time to adjust.

If you work from 9am to 5pm, or on any kind of fixed schedule, make sure you get a time table that suits you.

When it comes to weight training, you should constantly add some changes, as this will keep your body from getting used to a particular approach, plus it will accelerate your fat-burning.

Work Hard and Be Persistent

A perfect body is something each one of us has to gain; no one is born with it. So it’s natural that your work in gym equals the result you get. The weight lifting trainings are much more intense than just exercising to stay fit.

You have to add new routines and seriously stick to them, as discipline is a key factor.

You should add new routines as an extension to the previous ones, so they can keep your body from getting used to the routines and help you burn calories faster.

Even if you are committed to all of it, instructors can make it easier for you and help you develop real love for it. But you can also add some calorie burning workouts to create a whole package and not get bored.

You can get this in six weeks or less, trust me. In any case, you will be presenting your favorite body part earlier than you expected.

Perfect Routine: Lean Mass-15

Lean Mass-15 routine is a perfect routine for you. It takes 4 weeks minimum and includes a number of progressive workout techniques, which can help you both construct muscle fiber and boost the heart function. Also, it can help you burn some calories.

It is a result of the intensity of steps you take and for building a lot of muscles.

It’s not advised to continue with this program after the first 4 weeks, as it is really intense. But if you want to continue, add some other workouts that will give you time to heal and adjust.

It’s advisable to switch between workout routines once in a while, as your body tends to get used to the program, and change makes it more effective, bringing you better results.

You should be prepared that during the workout period you will have very little time to relax and a lot to do. So, most of your time spent in gym will be like moving nonstop.

If you’re serious about this, you should fix an hour and half every day, even though it’s difficult. This workout requires little time and brings good results; you just have to get yourself into the routine.

Desire Bigger Size? Add This Variety…

If you want to increase your mass, you need a more intense gym routine between 4 and 6 times a week. Work out in short sessions and give yourself time to recover. More intense training increases your mass.

It generally takes between 8 and 12 training weeks to see the results of muscle building. You should keep in mind that your body can adapt to anything, no matter how difficult it feels.

In order to build strength in 4 weeks, you should lower rep, and then consider higher for strength endurance in between your schedule, as it’s well known that variety is good for muscle growth.

Accelerate: Get the Best Results with Lean Muscle Supplements

There are some fitness instructors who are against using supplements, but it has been proven over time that people who use premium supplements mainly achieve their goals faster.

There is no need to question this everlasting truth – we discover the 3 major problems: (a) Many people don’t know such supplements exist; (b) Don’t know where to get them (c) Don’t have enough cash to buy it.

Add Presses, Squats, Pull-ups, Deadlifts

Include exercises like squats, overhead presses, deadlifts and pull-ups. They engage more muscle and build more mass in less time, plus you can add some more weight to the bar.

Also, when it comes to sizing, you should move up and down more weight .

Just because you are more for bigger lifts, it doesn’t mean you have to do workouts for biceps and calf raises only. Exercises like these boost your routine and include some parts of your body which you haven’t engaged before, but as it is going to be impossible to include these parts of the body more, squatting can give you time to recover.

Make Sure You Rest & Sleep Well


Premium supplements such as legal steroid alternatives from CrazyBulk can help boost your workout to achieve lean muscle!

You will need some timeout after the gym, to recover and for muscle growth. In order to stick to your diet plan, you should minimize stress and sleep well.

You should include proteins (eggs, fish, oil) to your diet, or even better legal body cutting steroids, to help with performance, strength and recovery. For beginners, this is the food to start with. With supplements, you notice how body changes, they have bigger impact.

Finally, you have to find a place not only equipped for you, but with people who are just like you and train hard, as nowadays everyone is a  fast lifter and it’s hard to become a power-lifter. You will notice the influence that the right training environment has on your will to train and the results you achieve.

This means that when you’re working out with people with same goals, it resembles a team discipline and gives you more energy to train. It’s even better if you find a training partner, who can motivate you to train regularly and be persistent.

The attitude is the most important factor, no matter what your goal is – gaining weight,  or losing fat. In fact, being disciplined and doing medium intensity routine with the right attitude can give you better results than an intense workout with no enthusiasm and personal drive.

So start being enthusiastic from today, begin to work on that great body of yours, enjoy and live a healthy life.